Moving a paragraph to the right of the contact me section

Hi everybody! I am trying to move my paragraph:

Want to get in touch with me? Be it to request more info about myself or my experience, to ask for my resume, tips on how to solve your sudoku, random questions about the universe and the meaning of life, or even if only for some nice Fika here in stunning Toronto... just feel free to drop me a line anytime._ I promise to reply A.S.A.P.

to appear to the right side of the Contact Me fields that are to be filed. I have tried using align: left; on CSS but with no luck ;(

Here is my Portfolio link:

Thanks in advance!

About your question:
You need to enclose your form in a separate div , and the the text in other… You could use Bootstrap to easier work…

A personal recommendation:
Don’t get offended but i think you should read a little bit about bootstrap or css… If you are just doing “essay and error” you will progress very slowly… It’s better read a lot, get the knowledge, and then practicing trying to use the knowledge you have learned.

Currently i’m reading:

  • Introducing Bootstrap 4 by Jörg Krause
  • Learning Bootstrap 4 by Matt Lambert

I’m also reading now and then the CSS documentation from W3Schools and the CSS-tricks webpage

Another thing to worry about it’s your ability like designer, i don’t know what about you but i don’t have imagination, so i’m reading books about design and the use of the colors.

Good Luck :slight_smile:

Thank you for your recommendations.