Muhammad Ali Tribute Page please provide feedback

First time coding ever. Having alot of fun. So I just finish my tribute page. To be honest I think I used way too much text but when I realized it was too much I couldn’t backtrack. I didn’t focus enough on the using different things previously learned for example I have no buttons, or list and I didnt used any JS.

Anyways I ask you take a moment look at my page and provide me with some honest feedback on my page. Thanks in advance.

nice. yes alot of content but looks nice and i like the layout. I can tell you put alot of time and effort into this. good job

You put a lot into it, loads of content but the pictures are squashed on my tablet, with bootstrap you can make the images responsive

Im workin on mine now. Im hoping to be done sometime tomorrow. How long did it take you.

it took me about 5-6hrs. Are you finish yours now?

oh its probably because i used the grid system and i used “col-md-#”…
md means it should appear not squish on a regular desktop if I used “xs” instead I thinks that for tablets and cellphones… i think that the reason I really dont full understand how the grid system works intuitively at this point…Thanks for the feedback

thanks for the feedback

Yea i finished both the tribute page and portfolio.

wow dude you’ve really been putting in work…your portfolio page looks awesome by the way. Im going to start mines this week im kinda of scared to be honest…i dont really get to work on coding like I want (last year of uni/heavy course load) so I try to spare atleast 30 mins each day to code (better than nothing) so I dont even know when im going to finish mine…anyways bro your portfolio page looks great

Nice page! I noticed that your LinkedIn directs me to the site itself rather than your profile though. May want to change that. :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s a pretty great tribute page, definitely above and beyond the requirements!

My only suggestions are that you might want to add a little margin or padding on the ends - the text goes right to the end of the screen. Also that you might want to find a way to change up the landing image - choose a landscape image or center it and make it smaller - I imagine seeing the top of his head as a landing image doesn’t have quite the effect you would want.

Keep up the great work!

Nice work! Definitely see you put effort into this. Neatly labeled and well-placed images and videos.
Maybe consider using a banner image for the top of your page though, it’d be less intrusive to your article.

Thank you everybody for your feedback. I did alot of experimenting with my code on this project. And i find Im actually starting to really grasp it all now. All the feedback has definately helped as well. I Appreciate it

i completely loved your tribute page its very well organised kudos to you for trying something different good work bro :smile:

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thanks. it was a lil urban lol