Multiple images, positioned vertically

Hey guys!
I new to any kind of code but I’ve worked my way thourgh the challanges and arrived at the portfolio project.

But as would be expected I’ve run in to some trouble and haven’t found any solution for the last week or two.

As per the example in the challange I want to have multiple background images and have them arranged vertically, with a solid color on the sides.
I want the images to “stack” on top or each other and stay that way while zooming in or out on the page. I can get one image placed center top, and on center XXpx but that makes the second picture change position in relation to the first as I am zooming in or out.

Since I will also want a third and possibly fourth image the ideal solution, the way I see it, would be to have them relate to the previous image.

I prefer to only use html and css for now if there is a html or css solution.

here is the pen

and since I’m writing here I also dont understand why my class “second-row-buttons” doesn’t work.

Thanks in advance for any help!!

Have you received advice regarding this? I posted something about this a few days ago and am having trouble too. Or is this something that you have to go into Java-land to do?

Hey, no I haven’t been able to solve this with html and css. Honestly lost my motivation a bit but will get back in to it soon enough :slight_smile:

I think about using sections. Make how many sections you want ,give a width of 100% ,a height and bg-image over them. Stay motivated,everybody have problems at start.