Mv menlo.font menlo.otf not working

mv menlo.font menlo.otf not working i have written many times but test cases don’t get pass

Are you sure there was a menlo.font file in the beginning? It seems like you switched the mv command parameters (source instead of destination) in the first step. If you can reset this problem and then type mv menlo.font menlo.otf, I hope the test case would pass.

I have typed
mv menlo.font menlo.otf

Can you reset this task, take a screenshot of files list (ls -lrt). After that, use the mv command to rename the file. Once done, please share the screenshot of the files list again(ls -lrt).

Did Exactly what you said

Still test case not passing

Any luck here @KeshavMaheshwari? Are the tests running automatically? The terminal needs certain settings to generate logs that can potentially go away. Try typing exit into the terminal to close it and opening a new one - that will make sure the settings are there.

Did exactly what you said still test cases are not passing

anyone please help
mv menlo.font menlo.otf
not working

Sorry for your troubles @KeshavMaheshwari. There’s a number of troubleshooting steps you can try here. It sounds like you tried the thing I would suggest. Reset + exit and restart terminal. I would maybe try those again. I have seen other people say it didn’t work for them on the first try.

I really don’t know what else to try. There is a last resort option in the troubleshooting to start from the beginning again. I bet you could catch back up to where you got stuck pretty quickly.

What is the procedure to reset everything thing and start from being?

It’s described in the troubleshooting tips here

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