My 1st Tribute Page - Delia Derbyshire

Hi guys,

I’ve just finished the first project! I’m sure the code is a mess but I’d really appreciate your feedback. You can find it here.

Thanks in advance!

In general, you should move all your styling to your CSS section and not use inline styling like you are doing below:

<div class="caption border-all" style="background-color:white">


<div class="box border-all" style="padding: 60px; 20px; 20px; 20px">

Also, since you are using Bootstrap 4, you should be using Bootstrap 4 syntax to make your image responsive with the .img-fluid class instead of .img-responsive (which is Bootstrap 3 syntax). This would allow you to get rid of the style=“width:90.5%” for the image.

Thanks Randell! I didn’t know that was a general rule but I’ve applied it to my code. And thanks for the info on the bootstrap 4 vs 3 syntax - that style=“width:90.5%” was a workaround to get the image to the size I wanted. It seemed to do the trick, but I wasn’t happy with it as a solution.