My 25 + 5 clock certification project works fine but the tests don't pass

So my 25 + 5 clock certification project works fine, but 25 out of 29 tests pass. And when I check the reason the tests fail I find them unlogical since the tests pass manually.
Here is the link to the codepen project where you can check the tests and the code:
I really need help since this is my final project to certification and it would be a shame to just give up at the end.

Unfortunately React 18 is not compaible with the test suite :frowning:

Oh, well what should I do then? I don’t know which things I should change in the code to fix the issue, or maybe should I just use another react version in the codepen?

You can try to downgrade to React 17, if you used only things you learned in the freeCodeCamp curriculum, it will be perfectly fine.

Otherwise you will need to check that everything you used is also available in React 17.

Alright, thank you! I’ll check the code and hopefully it works.

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