My blockquote is not referencing its parent

Hello guys, I’m trying to give my blockquote a margin on the top, but it’s taking the margin of the root document instead of it’s parent div

<div className="container">

Look here, I’ve selected the blockquote but it’s going all the way to the top

And here, I’m selecting the parent div

How could I fix that?

Thanks for your time and help :slight_smile:

Hard to judge without any actual css. Going by the screenshots you don’t seem to have defined a margin for blockquote.

You can see the live application here I want to give it a bit of margin at the top, but when I do it well, it does margin up to the top of the document, and not in base to its parent div

Margins of an element and its first child can collapse into one, that seems to be the case here. See Mastering margin collapsing on MDN for a more thorough explanation.
The easiest fix would be to use padding instead of margin for the blockquote, I think.