My challenge bugged for no reason

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I was sucessfully going on in the course, when i finished changing the bowser kingdom, it didnt complete that step, it just said that the bowser color was incorrect, which was the previous step that i had right, so i thought, well if i reload the page, probably is going to keep going as normal, I pressed F5 and now the terminal dissapeared, the coderoad too, is the second time that happens this to me, last time i had to erase all my progress from CodeAlly

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Challenge: Build a Mario Database

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Check this, there is also written how to reopen the terminal and CodeRoad

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There’s quite a few troubleshooting steps in that link @ilenia shared @Josermeister. Let us know if you are unable to get back on track. Typically, if you are stuck on a step - I would recommend to try the reset button first.

@ilenia @moT01 now it is working perfectly, thank you both ^^

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