My commit dont apply in gh-pages

commit dont apply in my react app hostin in github (gh-pages), gh-pages dont take my change(commit), i dont know why ?

Are you getting any type of error message when you try to commit?

my commit work but dont work in gh-page hostin app

I am publishing my website using GitHub Pages, but it doesn’t reflect my latest modifications (commits). What should I do?

Did you run the deploy script?

As an aside, I wouldn’t suggest having the root of the repo be a folder, it should be the content of the folder.

Personally, I would just use Netlify, Vercel, or

npm rum deploy ? yes

Well, the gh-pages branch is now updated, it wasn’t before.

If you click the Actions tab on the repo you can see the build/deploy logs. The current one has an error.

Anyway, as I said I would just use something else for the host.

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