My css changes doesn't seems on browsers

I download template website.I started to change .scss file but this changes doesn’t seems on any browser
this changes are very simple.

‘padding-left:10%;’ (old)

‘padding-left:0%;’(my changes)
and also this is element which ı wanted to change div class=“header-right col-lg-4”>

You have not given much to go off of; in the future, provide more detail.

If you are changing code in a .scss file, then you might need to recompile that file into .css.
Basically, browsers understand .css, but SCSS is available for developers to help their workflow. So, you need something to translate your SCSS for the browser, and provide that file as a CSS file.

Some light reading: Medium


Here’s an easy way to get started working with Sass in your own IDE, such as
1.) Install Koala
2.)Drag your project’s folder into Koala
3.)Select your .scss file in the Koala GUI interface and click “compile”.
4.)Koala just provided you with a CSS file that translated all your Sass into CSS and the changes should be visible in your browser.

This video is very brief and shows how to use Koala to use your compile your .scss files.

I literally just completed the first lesson in Sass and I wanted to make it work from my computer’s editor, locally. I figured this tip is probably what a lot of people are looking for in regard to Sass because I scoured the internet for hours and most of the videos talk about installing ruby and then retracing your path to the file and using the command line to set everything up. It looked way to complicated , tedious, and time-consuming.

As far as learning Sass is concerned, this method with Koala and Brackets is pretty easy.

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