My D3 scatterplot graph project - feedback welcome + some resources

I just finished the D3 scatterplot visualization project. This was my first ever attempt at D3.

I kept the original dataset proposed in the challenge but I decided to change the tone of the visualization to something “lighter” than putting the emphasis on doping, although info on doping can still be found when mousing over the dots.

I found two very useful resources for this project:

-“interactive Data Visualization for the Web” by Scott Murray, which I have bought but you can read for free here. The only drawback is that it refers to an old version of D3 (v3) and some of the method names have changed in v4. Still very good in walking you through the general logic of D3 which is not the most intuitive for a complete beginner

-“D3 Tips and Tricks” by Malcolm McLean which you can find here. You can get it for free but it’s definitely worth giving the author a contribution. Without this book it would have taken me way longer than the couple of days I spent on this challenge.

I really enjoyed this project, looking forward for your feedback. You can find my project here