My drop down menu is showing items navigation bar

I’m trying to get my navigation bar to work when it is small in size. I want the menu items to show when the screen is small, however, codepen it doesn’t show. It shows that it has collapsed but the drop down menu doesn’t show anything. Please help. Here is my code pen:

Hi @faysaldahir,

Adding Jquery as a dependency would resolve your issue.

I think you need both bootstrap and jQuery.

@faysaldahir, you’ve added Bootstrap in your CSS, but there is also a JavaScript component of Bootstrap. And that requires jQuery.

So, go to settings/javascript/quick-add and add jQuery and then add Bootstrap. When I do this, your page works for me.

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Yes, @kevinSmith, you are correct! Thanks.

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I added the jQuery then Bootstrap and it still doesn’t work for me. What is wrong on my end. This is the biggest snag i’ve hit trying to build this portfolio page.

Hi @faysaldahir, could you please check again? In your codepen, I can see jquery added now but no bootstrap js file or perhaps you added but that’s not saved.

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Finally, it works now. All I had to do was add the bootstrap in js section thank you so much!