My Drum Machine Project works locally but not when deployed on Git Hub

Would someone please help me with my code. I pass all 8 tests when the website is on my local machine. I get a “failed to load resource” when the site is live on the internet. I don’t think the live website has the audio files.

This is the link to my Github Repository:

NEED HELP PLEASE! :persevere::sob:

After 30 minutes I figured out what the issue is, and its really dumb :smiley:
So this is what you have

<audio crossOrigin="anonymous" src="./clip/q-bullseye.mp3" class="clip" id="Q">

And this is what you should have for each of them:

<audio crossOrigin="anonymous" src="./Clip/q-bullseye.mp3" class="clip" id="Q">

As you can see the only difference is in src= Clip should start with capital C and not lowercase as you have it right now, since your folder name starts with capital C aswell.
And that’s the whole issue.

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Oh wow ! Thank you so much! I should have changed that first! Like I mentioned, it worked flawlessly when the HTML file was still on my PC. Now it works great even on my phone ! :smiley: :sunglasses: :nerd_face:

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I’m glad you fixed it, looks great :smiley: