MY First Js Project

Please Review My first Js Project. I made an notes taking web app. I took some online help for it. Please review it :slight_smile: It’s a great feeling when completing a project



It’s a very clever idea and it looks nice! It seems your search bar is broken though - I tried searching for a note and they all disappeared. They would not reappear until I created another note.

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Thanks for reviewing :slight_smile: . I’m working on to fix that. You can bypass that by clicking magic notes icon. Thanks Again :slight_smile:

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@Shubham10200 Noice!
Where is the code? Can we see it?
What did you use to build this? Nodejs, only Javascript?

It’s using pure js
You can view source code in my github profile

great man. Love the project.
What did you use for storing data?
LocalStorage? or something else. Kindly reply.

local Storage :slight_smile: Sorry for late reply