My first Portfolio page (guys, I need help!)

Hey there,
I’ve created my first Portfolio page (actually it’s only second page created by me) - but I need help: I can’t understand what’s wrong with thumbnails (I don’t know why but I can’t place them by center) and my form still not working (I think I need to learn how…),
If you have any suggestions - please feel free to write your comments. Thank you!

Hi ellenb888! Regarding your thumbnails, you need to align your divs ( column-1, column-2, …, column-6 ) to center. If you had only one div you could just add margin: auto; to the div’s css but now you have to center all of the 6 columns. One way is to add to the columns’ css display: inline-block and add to the row’s css text-align: center; and also you have to remove from the row the display: flex propery;

You can see a working example here:

Wow! Thank you so much!!!