My first project - Buid a Tribute Page (Thomas Jefferson)

Hi folks,

I’d really appreciate if some of you guys could take a look at my tribute page for a review.
It was really great for learning purposes and I’m up until 4 am having fun with it! Hope it’s looking reasonable.

Thomas Jefferson - Tribute Page

Thank you guys,
Evandro Filgueiras

cool…but you image of Jefferson is not showing. checkout mine about Elon Musk

Well done @Evandrocff. I’ve one small suggestion. You can add img-responsive to the image.

I’ve just finished my own Tribute Page. The text is a copy from the sample page by Quincy Larson. But I did the coding. Take a look here-

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Wow @dmslider, that is awesome!!! You’ve given me ideas. I’ll try to make one like that.

Thank you for the replies…
I worked on it and I figured that the images from google drive wasn’t working probably because I was using a dynamic address. Anyway, I couldn’t find a way to get a .jpg address and I found a great solution to that which was to use
Can you take another look and see if everything looks good?
Any advise on another aspect of the project?


I is looking great!
The only thing I would point out (and it’s only my opinion) is that I’d pick an image that shows at least his whole face.
It seemed a bit weird to be to see his face from the mouth up.
Otherwise it looks sick!

Thanks. Will look at that

All good now. Great work. Looking forward to see more great work.

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Great work, looks pro. As for images - I have discovered how easy it is to use Google Photos for hosting images on web sites, perhaps you want to try next time. It is not 100% straightforward but it is doable and you will know the host is reliable.

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One neg - i would not call Gandhi an incredible “human being.” Sounds a bit odd. Immportal man, history maker - something like that would be better. Having said that I am trying to write my blurb for the tribute and it makes me suffer more than my out of hand CSS.