My first survey. Would love feedback

I think it looks good.
you’ve fixed a lot of things and made it better.
so kudos to you.

but most of all, you learned in the process.


Great work on your responsive web design!

I really like the content and styles you used.
I am also impressed by how the survey seamlessly accommodates small to large screens with a mobile-first approach.

A few tips that I have for you:

  • There are a few spelling corrections to be made.

  • VS Code has an extension called Code Spell Checker by Street Side Software that I enjoy using. I use it to find spelling that needs correction.

  • You may want to adopt a different file naming convention than that of “write to a file.txt”, like that of something more CLI friendly like “write-to-a-file.txt”.

  • I think your class names “labl”, “lab”, and “la” should be more descriptive.

  • I think cleaner HTML format might have each HTML tag on its own line. I learned this HTML format tip from Harvard CS50.

  • The container beginning with “Would you like to participate in next years manga competation?” has a radio button with text “No” that leaves its radio button at a window width between 402px and 622px. This window width issue happens on a large portion of the second half of the large mobile screen target, and continues until the end of a large portion of the beginning of the tablet screen target. You can access chrome browser developer tools and toggle device toolbar to see for yourself.
    Just below, is some imperfect code I wrote, that solves the issue of the “no” radio text separating from the radio button between 402px and 622px window width.

<label for="no" class="lab"></label>
<input id="no" value="coimp" type="radio" name="checkbox" required>
  • I think the id “feed” textarea should be given a more fixed width and height as it currently can shrink and expand to sizes that affect the UI and UX design.

  • In my experience, I have found that window width usually correlates to device width, which is something I keep in mind when doing responsive web design.

Congratulations on your progress! Keep up the good work!


Thank you so much for your feedback!
I’m working on some changes and I’ll sure keep your advice in mind when do my next project.
I’m so glad that you pointed out the radio button issue as it had been bugging me for a while and then I just gave up on it!

That makes me really happy as fixing that issue took a lot of tweaking and guidance as well as a good amount of luck on the way :smile:.

You seem to know a very lot, did you go to Harvard or did you take the course online?
Anyway I really appreciate you taking the time to review my work and show me how to improve it. I’m totally gonna install that spelling extension and maybe also practice spelling as well :blush:.
Thank you so much for you help and keep up with the great work your doing! :clap:


@ starstruck, thank you for your encouragement!
I am happy to help!
Your response here is well written and structured. I enjoyed reading it.
I like your Israeli flag profile picture. God loves Israel and I love God.
This link goes to the official free Harvard CS50: Introduction to Computer Science course.


This is great advice. Thanks for that. I like to learn with trial and error but don’t want to ruin my already functioning code. I’ll be adopting this technique from now on.

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@Problem-solver thank you so much for your reply.
You warmed my heart :hearts:. God loves you and I do to!