My First tribute page project,looking for feedback so that i can enhance it!

Any feedback would be appreciated!
Here’s the link :

Thank you!!

Hi @arpita.bhamre20 !

Just a couple of things :grinning:

Make sure to verify your email with codepen so people can see the full view.

You have a couple of errors in your html.
Run your code through the html validator

I would review the lesson on giving link meaningful names.

Wikipedia entry is not accessible.

Hope that helps!

Hey, just a few things to think about:

  • Best practices say that you shouldn’t skip heading levels. You start out well with an h1 but then you skip to h3 and then to h5. That should go h1 → h2 → h3. But really, I think both the second and third heading are on the same level and should both be h2’s. And possibly the last heading isn’t even really a heading.

  • The quote at the bottom looks like a block quote to me. Check out how MDN marks up a block quote..

  • If you want to use the <figcaption> element then it needs to be embedded in a <figure>.

  • The alt text for the image could be better. You don’t need to use the word “image” in the alt text (it is implied that the alt text is for an image). There isn’t a lot going on in this image so the alt text is going to be brief. If you know anything about this image you could include that information (Where was this taken? What is he doing there?)

  • When I narrow my browser the h1 heading text overlaps itself (“Mandela” sits on top of “Nelson”). I’d reconsider the line-height.

@bbsmooth,thank-you for your valuable feedback…i’ll try to fix all the points u mentioned.

I verified my email with codepen:)

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