My lesson is not loading!

I am on the lesson Learn React: Create a Component with Composition. Every time i start to write my code in, the whole page freezes up. What is going on? IT has been like this for 36 hours! Please help me, I am about to lose my mind!

Hello there,

It would help to see your code (I realise this might be difficult). The likely cause is something mentioned in this:

This is easily avoidable, if you ensure not to render a component within itself.

Hope this helps

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I keep doing this,

<ParentComponent> </ParentComponent>
Is this the problem?

Most user-generated components do not need explicit </> closing tags.

To expand: In React, there are many cases where that is used, and is not a problem. However, throughout the fCC React curriculum, you are not asked to do this.

What I was referring to before was something like this is NOT a good idea:

const myComponent = () => {
  return (
      <myComponent />

Hope this helps

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Hmm, okay. But I had not done anything yet past what I have shown you. I’ll try something else in my code.

I got it! I got it!

is already there! Duh! That was so silly! Thank you for your help! @Sky020!

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