My poor tribute page

Hello everybody,

Please, post any comment concerning this first assingment of mine: tribute page.

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I would style it a little bit more, CSS code can go straight into CSS editor/tab instead of style tag, your javascript doesn’t do anything so you can get rid of it. Also, your link doesn’t work, you need to add target="_blank" - that’s not an error on your side, it would normally work but not on Codepen. Also, I’m not able to see the images, my guess is that they are hosted on your google account, try linking to some publicly available images. Cheers :slight_smile:

@chiquito83 , thank you for comment. Let me take into account what you’ve just suggested, and later, I will repost the page again for more comments.

Try to remove horizontal scrolling.

@kurumkan, @chiquito83 and everyody, I’ve tried to completely make another tribute page, please, take your precious time to make some comment about it:

Great job! Now it’s much more better than initial version!
Step by step to the perfect final version=)
Now please also have a look at how to make images responsive.

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Thanks a lot dear @kurumkan. I still have to read mora about images responsive…

Have a look at these great courses(free)


Great start. If you go to you can learn a bit about how to make that image responsive as well as a vew other built in css styles in bootstrap to spiff up your image presentation. I think you’ve made a great start. I sure am going to miss that man in your tribute!

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@lisasinervo Thanks a lot for your encouragement. Right now I am reading about this image responsive topic. Thanks a lot.

Free Code Camp really doesn’t cover Bootstrap more than giving you the briefest introduction. I’d recommend downloading a copy from as you will get a much better idea of what Bootstrap is all about if you look at all the html, css, and jQuest that comes with the package.

thanks @kurumkan, I am doing my best.

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@lisasinervo Thanks for this link.

Hi bro, you can add “text-center” on your figure class to centered.

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@matrakation , thanks for your comment. Can you please view again the page to see whether some thing has improved? I’ve just used the image responsive and, therefore, centered.

much better, now just try in some way decrease the image size keeping centered.

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@matrakation , thanks a lot again for your critic. It’s being really challenging for me. Check once again what I might have improved on my tribute page, please. Whatever comment is once again welcome.