My Portfolio (need help to manage element in col)

Hi I have a problem with my elements in col

I want to make my portrait in the middle of left-col and my text in the center of the right-col (not on top)

Here’s my portfolio

looking forward to any feedback!! thx

Hello Lia.
It appears to me that your image and photo are indeed centered horizontaly & verticaly as you presently have it coded.
Are you able to use google chrome browser?
If so, I have suggestion for you.
Using text editor such as notepad++, paste code in text editor and save on your computer as html file. Then launch in google chrome.
Once you are viewing in google chrome,click on menu in top right corner, (looks like 3 bars), select more tools then select developer tools. then select elements.
Once you have selected elements click on individual elements to expand each.
When you click on the <div class="col-md-6"> it will show the individual div along with the content and its positioning.

Also in your pen the font that you chose does not show properly. It only shows top half of each line of font.

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