My Portfolio - Not Responsive yet - Updated to be more responsive

Hello fellas, I’d really appreciate it if you gave me some feedback on my portfolio page and what I could do to improve the way it looks, like colors and stuff. I really like the effect of transparency and there are some things I commented out and left them there in the code so that if someone is interested in experimenting with it, they would be able to do so.

Anyways, what I’m more interested is in knowing how can I make this page more responsive and still maintain the same look it has now. When I try to make the images responsive, everything goes to hell :smiley:

EDIT: My bad, don’t know what happened, here’s the link

My Portfolio


Any tips on how to make the images in “Featured Work” to be responsive without messing everything up?

And we are still waiting for you to drop a link to your portfolio :slight_smile:

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