My Portfolio page! Feedback, please and thx

Okie doke, folks.
Here’s Project #2, my Portfolio page.
Lemme know whatcha think. :blush: :v:


I like your portfolio page. The colors and patterns hop off the page. I feel like I get a sense of who you are, someone creative and passionate. Nice work. I specifically like the “content code cause” section. It’s clear, easy to read and well structured. Also, it doesn’t take away from the rest of the artistic nature of the page.

Thanks for the feedback, @AllstonS! :slight_smile:

It looks really good. If you put that on a github page I’m sure you will get hired ino time!

I like this a lot! I’m just starting mine and am a bit stymied by the scope of the project. Yours really gives a sense of your personality, and helps me disengage from needing to follow the example portfolio exactly - thanks!