My portoflio HTML CSS class is not working

Hi, I have problem with classes: “naw” nothing happens. Any ideas? Thank you. CSS is working other semantic tags work properly but this class not. thank you for your help.

    <link href=",400i,600,600i,700,700i&amp;subset=latin-ext" rel="stylesheet">
  Welcome to my portfolio
    <div class="naw">


  font-family: 'Josefin Sans', sans-serif;

  background color:#666567;

What doesn’t work? The <div> with the naw class gets styled as expected.

There also isn’t a <naw> element. Maybe you meant <nav>?

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Hi szymon,
I copied your code on It’s a good place to experiment with changes before putting them in your project. is not a valid tag, like the other replier said. I believe the only issue is the background color for class=“naw”. It is not showing a background color because the attribute is background-color, not background color. I recommend using a text editor that will recognize the correct syntax of properties.

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I forgot hyphen between background and color. thank you all. I will do my project in text editor and I will copy all content to the pen. Thank once again