My Product Landing Page - Feedback

Hey Y’all, this was a really fun one, I didn’t necessarily follow all the stories but I will go back and make sure it passes all the tests.

Let me know what you all think, I also put together the phone mockup

p.s. I didn’t get to the media query part tonight (I’m beat) but I will later this week when I get a chance. really looking forward to playing around reorganizing things for the different screen sizes.


You seem to have a strong design sense.

A very good page. Loved it.

That stood out for me. Looks great.
Once you make it responsive, it will be even better.

All the best to you.

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On desktop works very nice. You did a great job! Congrats!

As @aditya_p said, on mobile it’s not rendering the way it should. I made a screenshot to show you. The image is not responsive and the media queries will definitely help, yes.

Again, nice work!

Happy coding!

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Cool tnx guys, yeah I’m gona work on the mediaQ probably later today, but I did noticed that I had my responsive image (max-width’s) commented out as I was trying to troubleshoot an issue and forgot to turn it back on.

Anything you guys would or would not do? or would do differently?

Tnx for the feedback.

The design is tight, great job. I can’t wait to see what you’ll do with it responsively.

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@klavenj Cool! tnx man.

I’ve updated it, pretty responsive -Let me know what y’all think, anything to improve or that can be done better?

The only thing I’m planning on researching is how to animate the jumps between the section from the menu, right now it just jumps to the sections abruptly I would like it to be a little more smooth.

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Much better! But the navbar is over the content and you can’t read the text.

About the links transitioning smoothly to each section, search for scrollintoview.

Hey man tnx for the feedback but I’m not seeing where the nav is over the text it goes from this:

to this:

Also scrollingtoview still pretty abrupt, for what I’ve been able to find out smooth scrolling is more what I’m looking for:

Thanks again.

Here you have a couple of screenshots. This on a Moto G5 Plus.

I really think you’re looking after scrollIntoView. scrollTo scrolls into a given position in the screen while scrollIntoView scrolls into a certain element. Read about its parameters :slight_smile:

Edit: I’ve just opened the link you posted and the 3rd example is exactly what you need. It didn’t work?

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@SpaniardDev dude ur totally right, I was just responsively playing with the browser but after I figured out how to detach the browser window from CP and inspect it with CDT I totally see it, tnx again ima fix this and look into ur suggestion about the scroll.

Tnx again for all ur help.

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Got the smooth scroll working … super straight forward and hope my MQ’s are better.

Tnx so much for the help.

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Really great job. The only thing that I saw is that the text inside where you put your email should match the font just below it? It just looked a little off and shrunken to me.

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Ah cool great observation, I’ll def tweak that.