My profile/Calendar is not saving anymore my challenges [help!]

Goodevening! I have just reached the Algorithm Challenges but my profile is not saving anymore the progress in this kind “Join Strings with join Jun 15, 2017 View solution”.
It’s just stuck on "Get Set for our Algorithm Challenges Jun 16, 2017 Jun 18, 2017 View this challenge " save. Have anyone ever had already this problem? Thank you all of you, I will appreciate any suggestions. ps. I have tried to sign out, changed browser, asked in chat and looked online!

looking for an answer!

When you complete a challenge, you see a modal popup with a prompt to move on to the next one.

I don’t mean to sound condescending, but are you clicking that button, “Submit and go to my next challenge (ctrl + enter)”? If you don’t, your solution doesn’t get logged. I ask because I’ve actually done this myself several times.

Yes of course! I have done it too several time but it’s not working anymore. Can you see the problem?

I’m having issues, too. Last night I started with FreeCodeCamp, made it through half of the HTML challenges, confirming each of them. I made it as far as unordered lists when I hibernated my system for the night.

This morning I logged in with a different laptop … and all of my progress is now missing. It had me start over at Learn How Free CodeCamp Works. That’s the only item that showed progress. I went back to my desktop system and did the next activity under HTML which was still open in my browser-- the unordered list – and after confirming my solution, now that’s the only item in addition to Learn How Free CodeCamp Works that shows in my progress.

It appears all of the progress I’d accrued last night is gone.

Hi laura. Looking at your profile, I’m seeing those algorithm challenges as complete. They are listed under a different section called “Algorithms”, which is towards the top of your profile, just below “Projects”. Your screenshot only shows the bottom of the “Challenges” section, so I really couldn’t say either way whether you’re just looking in the wrong place or for some strange reason you really can’t see those challenges on your profile page.

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Thanks for your patience.

It sounds like you may have accidentally created a duplicated account.

First click here:

Then click here:

Try signing in with the email address you might have used the first time (or with GitHub, if you signed in with GitHub).

If you need further help, email with your profile username and I can help you there.

As @kumquatfelafel pointed out, your algorithm solutions are saved in a different area of your profile view. Does this answer your question? If you need help, email again and I’ll try to respond faster this time :slight_smile: