My projects until now


I have registered on the site(FreeCodeCamp) a week ago, and those is my project:
TwitchTv JSON API Incomplete:

Wikipedia Viewer Incomplete:

Local Weather Incomplete:

Random Quote Machine:

Personal Portfolio Webpage:

Tribute Page:

Your feedback is important to me :),
Thank you

Here it comes :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face:
Lets start with the twitch app:
1st you should add the possibility to filter by offline channels
2nd you need to increase the value of the width in here:;

.container-list {
  width: 40%;

because on mobiles to show your content on only 40% of the width its to less. You may use @media query for that.

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Wikipedia viewer app seems quite ok. :+1:

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Weather app needs some work on the responsiveness part.Take a look at the margins/paddings/font-sizes when on mobile. Temp must be rounded to an integer in both C or F.

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Portfolio page: maybe just smooth scrolling to the sections and to think about the menu on mobiles.

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Tribute page: I find it one of the best of your work. You have used very well the bs framework without the need to add a line of css code. :+1:


Thank you very much, for your feedback, I will do what you said me :slight_smile: