My random quote meachine

I didn’t go for the professional website style when i made this. I wanted it to be clean, and not too over complicated. I also see how its a little blank though. I want to see your guys feedback on this. I didn’t use JSON or any API’s, as i built before i knew what they were. The code is simple, that is what makes it the better. I did have some help from William Pritchard for the HTML, special thanks to him.

Here is the codepen:

Edit: Should i add fonts?

Hi John,
I really like the little app you programmed.
However when I first loaded it, it said “Your Quote” as its first thing. Is that right?
Great Job,

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Yes, just press “find a quote”

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

very nice app,
would suggest two things:

  1. trying to make the tweets go from a api (for your own practice)
  2. making the buttons responsive (they break down at smaller windows)
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A visual to what @Timakra’s 2nd suggestion is referring:



okay thanks for all the feedback :slight_smile: