My solutions are all gone after I uninstall my Chrome browser

Due to some reason, I completely uninstall my Chrome (including clearing the cache). Now, when I go to my profile page

By clicking any solution for any challenge or algorithm, all solutions are gone.

What happens? Can I restore the solution back by doing something? I learn somewhere that FCC solutions are stored in browser cache.

I really need help!
Thanks in advance.

The solutions that automatically appear when you go to a challenge are indeed loaded from local storage. Normally you should be able to go to your profile page and click “View this challenge” to see your code. But that is currently not possible: Announcement: Viewing and sharing solutions from user profiles is temporarily disabled

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Thank you for your reply. Now I understand. I should read these (about local storage stuff) before I cleared up the cache. A little inconvenience (not be able to review previous solutions), but I’ll be fine for my following progress.
Thanks again.