Past solutions are lost when access through map [SOLVED]

I was looking back at some old challenge, and much to my surprise, when I click on them, the solutions are not present.

They still exist when I go into my profile and view solutions from there, but if I click the link through map, they are all blank again

Goodmorning @psychometry I have the same problem, I don’t know how to fix it but don’t worry because if you go on “your page” (click on the number on top-right, near your profile’s picture. You will find all your achievements. e.g.

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You either cleared your browser’s cache (or it was done on a schedule/by another program) or you changed browsers/computers. Code that is loaded into your challenge console is taken from your browser’s cache. As you know, you can always access your saved solution from your profile.

Mine was a cache issue

What I found (haven’t gone back and looked recently, though) was that when I clicked on the solutions they came up but with minor changes to the exercises over time they didn’t run as ‘passes’ anymore…

But my progress is still captured and it lists the exercises i completed… Do you still have that at least?

Yes, as many have pointed out, I now realized that this is a cache problem.

coolCool Glad it’s still happen’ for yah :smiley: