My Survey Form Project - Some Feedback Folks

Hello dear,

Kindly check out my project on this link Your opinion is highly appreaciated. Thank you for your time.

Looks really good! The one thing I would change is the css where you have the input [type=radio], but then you have checkboxes for the appearance, which is very confusing for users, and makes the radio buttons function in a strange manner. Radio buttons should look circular, checkboxes square. It’s just what people are used to.

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Hello @raphaeluziel,

Thank you so much for the feedback… I am going to work on it… Thank you so much

looks clean af bruh!

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Thank you so @alkapwn3d…

Dang, another great page! The gradient is beautiful and the whole form responds really well. :ok_hand:

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Thank you so much @pleeseno… Will make me afraid of publishing another project… Hahahahahahahaha… Thank you so much dear

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lool nooo, definitely show more! I’m taking pointers so my pages can flow well too


Haha… Thank you so much dear. I’ll publish it soon…