My Technical Document Page

So I have came across a challenge I am having a hard time solving and it’s annoying to the point where I have to ask for help. haha

Anyways, how do I get the heading to stay fixed while I scroll through the side links to jump to certain parts of the page. I can get the whole side panel to stay fixed but don’t know how to get to where you can scroll up and down with the side links. If that makes any sense at all.

Here is what I want to accomplish:

Here is my current project I am stuck on:

I am basically trying to create two scrolling sections while the one on the left stays fixed but scrolls while the header stays fixed as well.



Is this what you’re asking about?


Try using the overflow: scroll; css property on nav-container. I was able to achieve what I believe you were asking by using that property and forcing the height of the entire panel to be smaller with max-height: x;

That is, assuming you’re asking about getting both sides to be able to scroll individually?

Hey! I actually figured everything out a couple days ago. I just forgot to update my post here. I apologize but I definitely appreciate all the help!


Hey! I actually finally figured that out a couple days ago. It was super frustrating but really rewarding once I figured out what I was doing wrong. But yes, that’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for reaching out and helping a fellow brother out though.