My test cases passes in Codepen but not in my browser?

I’ve been doing HTML/CSS projects. What is usually do is write the code on VSCode and view output on my browser. after all test cases passes i copy the code over to Codepen for submission. But in the Product Landing Page project, 2 test cases were failing on my local machine. 1. Use Flex-box, 2. Use media queries.
i was totally confused and couldn’t figure things out. but for some reason, i pasted the exact same code in codepen and it passed all test cases.

I wonder why it happened. anyone is aware about this? is this a bug?

Hi @abbas_dhd , please send us the url of the copen page.

here is the link for my Codepen

You have to serve the page locally. You can use the Live Server extension (or there is Five Server which is more maintained).

Edit: Some more information. It’s just a limitation of the tests when running locally. I’m pretty sure we used to have information about this when the project section had its own page. But it just has a block section now so it’s missing the information. At least that is how I remember it.

I still don’t understand how and why it worked, but it worked like a charm.
Thanks :grinning:

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