My Tic Tac Toe game, but need help with one small issue

Here is my completed tic tac toe game. It works perfectly, but the only issue is if i restart and start clicking too fast things get a little messed up. Sometimes it will skip the computers first turn, or even mine. If I was 3 seconds after restarting it works great. I even used $(document).ready(function(){}) but doesn’t seem to help. Any suggestions?

@jeffbrowndev it looks to me like it works fine

Did you try removing .click handlers when you do the reset, and put them back when the game actually starts?

I.e. do: $(’.tile’).off(‘click’); inside reset() and call startGame() after the player has chosen a symbol.

this seems to have done the trick! Looks like maybe an extra click or two messed it up on a restart but this turned click events off during a restart. Thanks a ton Kirhchoff!

Nice game but you should a more appealing a them to it so people could like it because its kind bland but over all nice game :smiley: