My Tribute Page! Nearly done with 2 small issues I need to work out

I am nearly finished with the Tribute page project. Could y’all take a look and provide feedback? I had a lot of trouble staying away from CSS and sticking to bootstrap, but feel I learned from it.

I did have a couple questions you might be able to answer:
Question 1.) The only CSS we were supposed to use was giving the body a top margin of 60px, but for some reason that did not work for me. I had to create a separate div around everything and give that 60px margin. Anybody know why that is? (I did not input code here because I am a newb and FCC will not let me)

Question 2.) I tried to create a thumbnail div, with a figure tag inside of it (which in turn holds an img and writing) and that seemed to work, however the thumbnail div has fixed padding relative to the page, rather than being a couple pixels wrapped around the figure. Can anybody tell me what is wrong?
I would like it to look like one of the boxes in the image gallery section shown on w3schools (bootstrap images page) only with one image and with the “img-responsive” bootstrap qualities. (I did not input code here because I am a newb and FCC will not let me)

Any help or criticism you all might be able to give would be much appreciated! I am on day 5 of freeCodeCamp and pretty excited by how much it has helped.

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Here is the w3 schools link


“Warren Buffet has repeatedly show the world that value investing…” typo in there: should be “shown”, not “show”. I like what I see on the page. Good work!

I have found that just playing in codepen is helpful. Don’t just stick with the format in Free Code Camp. If you want to code using CSS grids, for example- FCC prefers bootstrap. You may find your own style through just messing around faster that way! Just my two-cents


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