My Tribute Page On Linsanity

Just got started with FreeCodeCamp and I am loving the learning process. This is the first web page that I have ever created and I decided I would combine two things that I am very passionate about in my life: programming and my love for the Knicks. Please give me any constructive criticism or feedback you might have on my tribute page.


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perfection… your just now starting out and your page looks good. your a natural, man! keep up the good work!

looks great! :slight_smile:
nice full-width section, good timeline, great font selection! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the kind words guys. Is there anything I can improve on or change? I know the main image isn’t the best but it was very hard to find a photo that was high resolution enough to still look decent being stretched out 1600px. I’d appreciate any feedback, always looking to improve. Thanks again!