My Tribute Page project - Feel free to comment

Dear Campers:
This is the link to my Tribute page project
Tribute page
Feel free to give constructive feedback.
Happy Learning


Hi. The link isn’t working. :frowning: ;

I’m sorry. Working on a mobile phone. Failed to put it in the appropriate tags. It’s now okay

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Since I just started, I can not really give you very precise feedback.
As far as your HTML is concern, your organization good. You may consider implementing more html tags like , where it makes sense instead of putting

and id on them. That is my opinion.

Thanks for the feedback. I’m also uncomfortable about including some class and id attributes to some elements but it was mostly a prerequisite for the code to pass the tests.

Did you code this based off FCC lessons? I did all the exercise but I’m like completely lost on where to start for my tribute page all I’ve got is a title, your code looks great. Got any advice to pass along

Not really. I haven’t actually bothered to go through any of the tutorials here on FCC. I rely mostly on:

As you go through tutorials, immediately start implementing what you have learned in real projects. Also read other people’s code. It gives you a sense of how to approach certain problems. Look at other people’s projects, copy the code, run it in a text editor, modify the code and learn how things are done. Personally, I have just understood the basics of HTML/CSS. I wanted to add more animations on the site but I failed miserably. Hopefully if I get the basics of JS, I will be able to. Hope that helps.

It does actually thanks

nibble, You did a great job on your Tribute Page! I want to thank you for introducing me to Was looking for a way to comment on the tribute page, didn’t find one so, I commented here. I did heart it and pinned it on codepen. Wish you the best on your coding journey!!

Prince Alarming

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Thank you :blush: for the encouragement.

You can take a look at the final touches I made after learning about animate on scroll library

Look great! Congrats

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Thanks for the encouragement. I can now proceed to technical documentation page.

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