My tribute page project - honest feedback appreciated

Hello to each and every one of you!
Today I finished my tribute project page and I would like to share the results with you.
The experience of building this tribute project was pretty cool since I learned a lot of new things!

Link URL:

Honest feedback and criticism will be appreciated since I am here to learn and improve.

I thought your page was great. I like the music option embedded at the top.
For me I opened it on a 17" laptop and I felt the text was a little small and the width of the main container was too narrow. But hey that’s just my preferences and does’nt mean a thing.
I also liked the way you did the link buttons at the bottom of the page…nice one!!

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Hi John,
Ignore my last comment - I had my browser set to 50%!!!
I reset it and looked again at your page - I absolutely loved the layout and switching of sides of the text.
Make it longer as its great!!! :wink:

Awesome, thank you for your feedback and kind words!
I suppose that I could add an option where the user can increase/decrease the overall font size when I have gained a little more experience! That way the entire user end can be happy :slight_smile:

No I think it was my foolishness that caused the text to be small - not you at all!!! lol :slight_smile:

Well, thanks nonetheless :slight_smile: