My Tribute Page: Satoshi Kon!

Hey! I’ve completed my first FCC project, the Tribute Page. I hope everything looks as it should (it does on my end). This is small because it’s the first project, but putting together a lot of stuff that was learned in the other sections was really fun!

Any feedback would be appreciated, and thank you for looking :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice clean design.

I find fault with just having “here” as the click away link. One of the Accessibility lessons ( had you change an anchor link so that the text was more descriptive. You should apply that in your page.

Looks pretty good :+1: I would

increase its readability by increasing overall font-size slightly and giving vertical paddings to your line items.
Also, consider giving more margin bottom to your #img-div to give some spacing.

good job :tada:

Thank you so much! Truthfully, I made a note of that, but in my notebook. Clearly I should have made a comment in the page itself so I wouldn’t forget, haha!

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Thank you for your input! I’ll remember that going forwards :slight_smile:

Great job! I really like how clean and minimalist it is. I also really like the choice of colors and how the links are easy to identify.

If you wanted some feedback, my opinion would be to increase readability by adding a few sub headers, like maybe before the text starts and then maybe before the bullet points. Just a thought. :slight_smile: