My Tribute Page: Sergei Dovlatov

Hello everyone!

I’m really a newbie in coding and this tribute page is my first web page ever. It is devoted to Russian (Soviet) writer Sergei Dovlatov who emigrated to the USA at the end of 1970-s. I enjoy his writing style very much and I have read almost all of his novels and stories.
Any critique and suggestions will be very helpful to me.
Here’s the link:


I like your Tribute Page. The background and Text contrast is really good.

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This is a really nice page.Congratulation for your first project

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HorsemanJnr and john-0007, thank you for your feedback! It is very important for me :slight_smile:

You did a very nice job on your tribute page :relaxed:!

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Good job for a first project.

Just a note on the length of lines when you have text.
As your container is fluid, the text stretches on my wide-screen monitor.
Recommended length is between 8 and 12 words per line, you should keep the text container narrower

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Thank you for a useful notice!
I changed the width of the container to 600px. Now it should look better on wide screens.