My Tribute to Goku!

Here is the link! I would appreciate so much if anyone wants to tell me what they think. I know that the code is a bit messy but I am an artist and a very visually orientated person so I had a lot of fun fiddling around and trying to get things to look the way I wanted them too atleast. Although it’s in no way perfect I put a lot of effort into the design details (so far as making my own pixel Dragon Ball bullet points… not perfect but I’m proud). Even though it didn’t come out as perfect as I wanted it was a really good lesson in actually finishing a project, something that is difficult for me, after spending hours/days my on first tribute page attempt and then giving up and leaving it for months, I completed this page within a few days (a couple of hours a day). This is the first time I’ve coded since I used to make Myspace layouts in 2008 (I was 12) haha… Thank for taking a look/any feedback in advance :slight_smile:

P.S. Sorry I type so much, you can see it’s a thing both in this post and on my tribute page… Oppppps.

Hey Katgil,

I’m a massive fan of Dragon Ball and DBZ so I had to check out your page :slight_smile: It looks fantastic! I absolutely love your little dragon ball bullet points, what an awesome touch. I can tell you’re an artist with the great way the page was set out visually :slight_smile: Nicely done!