My URL Shortener is always saving to the same short_url

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I cannot seem to get the url shortener to increment. I’m running it as a while loop, where it checks if there is a record with short_url: i(starts at 0), if there isn’t, it puts this record there. if there is, it increments the i variable and tests again, basically putting them in sequentially.

This is not how it is happening though. I’ll attach 2 excerpts from my code as well as the repl.

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definition of functions

  await URL.findOne({short_url: number}, (err, user)=>{
    if (err){
      return 'err'
      return true;
      return false;

within the post request

let i = 0

let hasurl = true
while(hasurl === true){
//is there a record of this number?
  hasurl = findByAsync(i)

//Then assign that number to the URL by creating a new record with the url and the number
//this is supposed to make the url in database and save it with a number, currently not working? do i put done in?


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Not sure why my code blocks look so ugly in the above example.
Sorry about that!

That’s because your code doesn’t wait for findByAsync(i) to return - it just assigns pending promise to hasurl (making it fail while check), increments i to 1 and exits while loop.

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Ok, that makse some sense, is there away to make it wait while I run the while loop? or should I try and do it a different way (i.e. finding the max value for short_url, then increasing it by 1)

Make the function async and await for findByAsync to return.

I’m sorry, which function? Could you show me at least in psuedocode ? (i’ve been helplessly googling stuff and now I’m somehow more lost)'/api/shorturl/new', async (req, res)=>{
  ... await findByAsync()

Oh! The whole thing needs to be asynchronous! That makes much more sense