Naming Conventions in Curriculum

Certificate: Responsive Web Design
Course: Applied Visual Design
Challenge: Use CSS Animation to Change the Hover State of a Button

I added some extra code here to demonstrate multiple property changes.
In this challenge, the animation-name is given the same name as an element attribute: “background-color”.
In the example, the animation-name is given the same name as an element attribute: “width”.

This is poor practice, since it is confusing to read, especially for a beginner. In a real programming environment, doing this is setting yourself or someone else up for more work later.

The curriculum should not only instruct clearly, but also set an example of good sense.

Also, since the animation might involve more than one property, naming it the same as one property does not convey the idea as well.

A link to the challenge you are talking about and a copy of the code you are using would be helpful. Thanks.

Ummm… did the screenshot not convey that?
Here is a link:

It might be some inability on my part, but I’m not aware of any technology that lets me easily copy-paste code from a screenshot and run it for myself :slight_smile:

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I agree, the animation name isn’t great. If nothing else it should be camelCase to be different enough from the CSS property. I would suggest opening an issue for this.

Ah. I guess I made you go hunt for it through a menu, instead of getting there with a single click. If everyone did that, your day would be 3x longer or 1/3 as productive. I’ll remember the link in the future.

Yes, CamelCase. Thanks for the issue link. I’m new around here, and it is not on the menu, so I posted here. Learning.

Well, this forum is a friendly place where people are trying to help you, “for free”. They are voluntarily taking time from their busy lives to help you with your coding journey.

So, I think the “copy of the code” and a link will help them help you unless you like waiting, for someone to care enough to type it out, understand then figure out the issue that you are facing :slight_smile:

This is not meant to be a snap, but a quick primer on how open communities work at least this community works. We thank you for being here and reporting this and sharing your feedback.

If you are interested, please open a GitHub issue (or even a pull-request, we love those).

Happy coding!

Thank you. As a guy trying to avoid any more college debt, I appreciate everyone’s efforts at FCC, as well as any explanations of how things go, and how I can “get with the program,” so as to be more help than headache.

I have now skimmed the contribution docs, and will read more thoroughly, and study the comments before opening an issue or posting. Will search on open issues, also, before posting, to avoid duplication.

Now that you mention it, I can also see how a little more time/effort on my part (study naming conventions) + a pull request would be the most efficient way to effect this change.

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It will surely help us a lot with improving the curriculum and it will help you gain experience working on an open-source project.

We will be happy to guide you when you are stuck or need help understanding bits and pieces of code components or anything else general. You can always ask queries, here in this forum or in our contributor’s chat room.

Good luck with your endeavours!


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