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Hey guys,

In the pic below (web challenge) I’ve sectioned off what I believe I be separate sections on the page, what is the general consensus of naming the classes of each section?

i.e I’m awful at naming classes and at first glance I’d put something like:

Is there a way to easy name sections so I can apply it to future sites? I’m assuming all would be inside a main tag with no sections?


I don’t know what a “general consensus” would be - I think clarity is the most important thing. Your classes there are clear to me. Working on a specific team, you may have some guidelines, but barring that, what you have makes sense to me.

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Thank you, I wasn’t sure if there was a certain way to name them ‘logo wrapper’ ‘middle wrapper’ ‘icon wrapper’ etc.

I’ll just try make it as clear as I can.


There might be some standards like BEM, etc. But I haven’t heard of anything that is universally expected. If you get a job somewhere, there might be a style guide they use, but things like that are easy to learn so no one is going to care if you’ve used something else in the past.

Just be consistent, logical, and clear. That’s the best most people can hope for.

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Thanks Kevin, I know I’m doing it wrong when even I’m confused what class I’m referring too!

Well, I don’t think it’s possible to come up with a perfect system. And something may mean something different to a different person. And that “different person” might be you in a few months.

Just keep at it and try to be consistent, logical, and clear. You’ll get better at it.

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