Nav bar cutoff while resizing browser window

My nav bar is cutting off while resizing the browser window.
I did doing display flex and setting min width and max width . but none of the tricks work
What can i do?

it would be super helpful if you could put your code into a codepen instead of screencaps. :slight_smile:
Will this serve the purpose?

I would highly recommend you use a narrow-first approach to your styling. Narrow your browser as far in as it will go and style the page so it looks good at that width. There should be horizontal scroll bar and the content should take advantage of the entire width of the page. This will be your base CSS. Don’t use any media queries at this point.

After you have it looking good at the narrow width then you can gradually widen your browser and make styling adjustments for wider view ports using media queries if needed. You will use min-width instead of max-width for the queries.

thanks mate !
i’ll try to implement these functions.

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