Nav bar help/ Parallax image enlargement

Link to codepen:

This has been giving me trouble for about 12 hours…

  1. The navbar and subsequent dropdown on my navbar are going behind the background images.
    Im trying to make a fixed nav bar with a drop down that comes down on top/over all the images.


The images are not working for me. Imgur hosted images do not work on codepen. I will fork you site and put different images then take a look at the problem.

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oh bummer! Thanks for the heads up on that…glad i found that out now! do you know if i can just put them on facebook or something and link from there? And thank you for your help.

Here are some links you can use:

<img src='//'>```

<img src='//'>
<img src='//'>
<img src='//'>
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As for the problem, it is an easy fix.
Add this css property:

ul {
    z-index: 9999;

You will also want to include “the most common meta viewport tag” to make the navbar correct on mobile (you can do this in codepen settings or add the tag yourself)

Here is more info on imgur too:
Forum Thread

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Thanks man! It makes me both happy as well as cringe to hear its an easy fix! Haha… Thank you kindly for your assistance!

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If you have any problems, just holler! Here is something you read that covers the topic.(Get it… covers the topic… :upside_down:)

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“covers the topic” ! … ba dump chhhh ! *attempt at typing drum sounds. Ill read that article for sure once my brain calms down.

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