Nav bar not showing up on one line. Also BS3 or BS4?

I am practicing Bootstrap, and I am having trouble getting my navbar to lay out properly. I want my home,dova, and khin navbar to be in a row(horizontal like on most websites do), but instead they are on top of each other. I am using bootstrap-navbar page, and have even tried to copy and paste the code on that page into my pen to see if there’s a difference, and the nav bar still lays on top of itself like a mess.

Also, I’m concerned on if I should forgo using/learning anymore BS3, because BS4 exists. Any input or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



Edit: I just realized my problem. I didn’t think the adjust the ratio of the pen itself on my browser. Once I made the code box smaller and the web box bigger it adjusted itself and everything aligned properly. My bad. Please ignore this.

Please link to your codepen so we can see what you’ve tried.

I forgot the most important part >.< My bad.