Navbar height and top of viewport

So this is like my third iteration of my personal portfolio page. I even made one I really like, that passes 1 test, lol. I have enclosed the link - I am not sure how to align the two variables that are wrong. Any help would be appreciated. Navbars are killing me in the testing…

If you could post your code’s link it will be easier to help.

Sorry I have been sitting in front of this for hours…lol

and sorry if I was adjusting more wqhile you were trying to look. Just going to walk away and come back in the morning- any help is appreciated - I think the more I look, the more I change and the more it gets convaluted(sp.)


  1. You have #welcome-section for two elements, one is for section and other for anchor element, we shouldn’t use the id more than once, it may break the code, so change the id for that anchor tag and for the section with #welcome-section give a height of 100vh

  2. Make your <nav> as position fixed with top and left 0 and give it a full width

  3. Make your ul as flex

I realized why some parts where not there or looking so bad… I thought if you added bootstrap and font awesome it carried over from one page to the next but… it does not:( lol.

I passed 11 of 12 but am still getting a navbar error

  1. The navbar should always be at the top of the viewport. Error: Script error. (:0)

Give #navbar a position of fixed and align top to 0

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I did and when I gave the welcome section some padding it cleared the error - thank you!