NavBar Overlap with Content - Portfolio Page

Hi - I’ve completed the portfolio page, but I’m having issues with the navbar overlapping my content in two sections (My Projects and Contact Me). I’ve tried some workarounds, but with no luck. I’m a total novice so the answer could be very obvious, but I appreciate any help! Thanks!


I’m a total novice as well, but I had the same problem (if I understand correctly you mean the navbar is in the way when you click on your links?).

I used the following in my CSS:

html {
  scroll-padding-top: 4.75rem; /*This scrolls to below navbar at current height*/

Obviously how large your navbar is affects how much scroll padding you need to put in at the top. I just played around with it until I found a length that looked right.

Hope that helps!

Interesting, I don’t see it overlapping anything.

@jimbucktoo Thank you!! That fixed it! Now I know for future reference as well. Appreciate it!

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