Navbar & toggle ICON position problem


I have 2 problems with my navbar actually:

  1. I can’t figure out how to make that my ICON is on the left, but the other 3 buttons are on the right side.
    -I’ve done that my toggle icon is already on the right side.
    -the problem is that after I click the toggle icon, my navigation list is on the left side and my icon goes there too…

My link:


  • place ur toggler button after .navbar-header in html
  • add . ml-auto to <ul class="navbar-nav "> to move menu items to the right


  • remove opening body tag
  • move font awesome link to settings css or html (just for readability)
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Thanks. It works. I mean, I have my 3 nav buttons on the right, and toggle icon on the right too (when screen is smaller).

But the problem is still that on smaller screen, when I click the toggle icon, my navigation menu is on the left (opposite side from the toggle icon). Could you give me any tip with it?


smth like this?

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You’re great! Thank you so much for your tips! :slight_smile:

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